67th Stapp Car Crash Conference Recap

Dear Stapp Car Crash Conference Attendees,

Following the conclusion of the 67th Stapp Car Crash Conference, we find ourselves reflecting on the wealth of knowledge shared, the research unveiled, and the vibrant community that made this event possible. We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who participated and contributed to the success of the 67th Stapp Car Crash Conference.

Moving Forward—Papers and Presentations

The heart of the conference lies in the exceptional research that propel our fields forward. Our deepest thanks go to all of the authors for your submissions and presentations. Your tireless work is the driving force behind our shared progress, and we could not achieve what we do without your invaluable contributions

Full Papers

  • Comparison of Adult Female and Male PMHS Pelvis and Lumbar Response to Underbody Blast by Hollie Pietsch, Danielle M. Cristino, Kerry A. Danelson, John H. Bolte IV, Andrew R. Kemper, Matthew J. Mason, John M. Cavanaugh, and Warren H. Hardy
  • Driving Behavior during Left-Turn Maneuvers at Intersections on Left-Hand Traffic Roads by Yasuhiro Matsui, Masashi Narita, and Shoko Oikawa
  • Evaluation of DAMAGE Algorithm in Frontal Crashes by Priya Prasad, Saeed D. Barbat, Anil Kalra, and Dainius Dalmotas
  • Examination of Crash Injury Risk as a Function of Occupant Demographics by Dainius Dalmotas, Aline Chouinard, Jean-Louis Comeau, Alan German, Glenn Robbins, and Priya Prasad
  • Frontal-Crash Occupant Protection in the Rear Seat: Submarining and Abdomen/Pelvis Response in Midsized Male Surrogates by Allison Guettler, Samuel T. Bianco, Devon L. Albert, David M. Boyle, Andrew R. Kemper, and Warren H. Hardy
  • Investigation of THOR-AV 5F Biofidelity in Sled Test Conditions with a Semi-Rigid Seat by Z. Jerry Wang, John Humm and Hans W. Hauschild
  • Machine-Learning-Accelerated Simulations for the Design of Airbag Constrained by Obstacles at Rest by José E. Valenzuela del Río, Richard Lancashire, Karan Chatrath, Peter Ritmeijer, Elena Arvanitis, and Lucia Mirabella
  • Standardized Assessment of Gravity Settling Human Body Models for Virtual Testing by B. Wade von Kleeck, Juliette Caffrey, Jason Hallman, Ashley A. Weaver, and F. Scott Gayzik

Short Communications

  • Calibration of Kinematic Simulations of Pedestrian Injury Using Field Data by Wenbo Sun, Jingwen Hu, Carol Flannagan, Patrick Bowman, Iskander Farooq, and Anil Kalra
  • Comparison of Chinese and German in-depth accident data of pedestrian thorax and head injuries by Holger Staack, Volker Labenski, Giacomo Marini, and Yunshi Liang
  • Development of proactive anti-whiplash system through a combined computational and experimental approach by Kalish Gunasekaran, Yuze Li, Qi Zhang, Haojie Mao
  • Development of 'Relax Seat: Passenger Protection Airbag' by Seokmin Lee, Dongyoung Kim, Dongjoon Lee, Garam Jeong, Seokhoon Ko, and Jaehyun Lee
  • Evaluation of the Thoracic Response of Male Post Mortem Human Surrogates in the Rear Seat during Frontal Impacts by Samuel T. Bianco, Allison J. Guettler, Devon L. Albert, David M. Boyle, Warren N. Hardy, and Andrew R. Kemper
  • Exploring Heart Strain from Blunt Trauma through a Parametric Investigation of Real-World Commotio Cordis Cases by Grant James Dickey, Kewei Bian, Sakib Ul Islam, Jainee Patel, Sarang Shin, Erin Shore, Kristen Kucera and Haojie Mao
  • Low-Rate Ankle Stiffness in Human Volunteers by Julia Polich, Kaitlin Henry, Garrett Bullock, Paula Gangopadhyay, Aaron Scott, Kerry Danelson, Erika Matheis, Michael Tegtmeyer, and John Bolte IV
  • Numerical investigations on the factors affecting thorax injuries in vehicle vs pedestrian accidents by Dhaval Jani, Karina Lehmann, Holger Staack, Christian Teichmann, and Giacomo Marini
  • Seated Posture of Occupants in Wheelchairs by Brennen T. McManus, Byoung-Keon Daniel Park, Nichole R. Orton, Miranda St. Amour, Sheila M. Ebert, Jingwen Hu, Miriam A. Manary, Kyle J. Boyle, Laura Malik, Tyler Vallier, Matthew P. Reed, and Kathleen D. Klinich
  • Sex-Based Differences in Calcaneal Fracture Tolerance under High-Rate Axial Loading by Davide W. Ceritano, Danielle M. Cristino, Warren N. Hardy, and Kerry A. Danelson
  • Statistical estimation of the difference of two time-histories by Guy Nusholtz
  • Thoracic Response of the Hybrid III and THOR Small Female ATDs in Matched Frontal Sled Tests by David M. Boyle, Devon L. Albert, Warren N. Hardy, and Andrew R. Kemper

Celebrating Excellence—The John Paul Stapp Best Paper Award

We extend our congratulations to the winners of the John Paul Stapp Best Paper Award for the paper titled "Ligaments Laxity and Elongation at Injury in Flexed knees during Lateral Impact Conditions":

  • Sahar Benadi, LAB PSA Renault/Univ Gustave Eiffel—Univ Claude Bernard Lyon 1
  • Xavier Trosseille and Philippe Petit, LAB PSA Renault
  • Jérôme Uriot, CEESAR
  • Yoann Lafon and Philippe Beillas, Univ Gustave Eiffel—Univ Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Your outstanding contributions and dedication to excellence have truly set a high standard in injury research. We celebrate your achievements and thank you for pushing the boundaries of knowledge in pedestrian safety.

Nurturing Emerging Talent—John W. Melvin Student Award

A special round of applause goes to the recipients of the John W. Melvin Student Award:

First Place: Allison Guettler, "Frontal-Crash Occupant Protection in the Rear Seat: Submarining and Abdomen/Pelvis Response in Midsized Male Surrogates"

Second Place: Hollie Pietsch, "Comparison of Adult Female and Male PMHS Pelvis and Lumbar Response to Underbody Blast"

Your dedication and innovative contributions as emerging scholars are truly commendable. We look forward to witnessing your continued success in shaping the future of this field.

Words from Leaders—Keynote Presentations

The 67th Stapp Car Crash Conference was graced by the presence of two distinguished keynote speakers.

  • Dr. Henry Lui: Director, MCity; Director, Center for Connected and Automated Transportation (USDOT Region 5 UTC), Professor, UoM/UMTRI
  • Emily Frascaroli: Global Director, Automotive Safety Office, Environmental and Safety Compliance, Ford Motor Company

Their insights and expertise have enriched our understanding of the present and future landscape of automotive safety. We are grateful for their valuable contributions.

Beyond the 50th Percentile Male—A Panel Discussion

A conference highlight was the fascinating panel discussion, "BEYOND THE 50TH PERCENTILE MALE." Experts from various domains engaged in discussion on vulnerable occupant protection, including Shaun Kildare, AHAS; Jessica Jermakian, IIHS; Matt Craig, NHTSA; Kerry Danelson, WFU School of Medicine; Priya Prasad, Prasad Engineering, Inc.; and Jason Hallman, Toyota CSRC. Their collective expertise highlighted the importance of addressing diverse aspects of occupant safety.

Save the Date—68th Stapp Car Crash Conference at Ohio State University

We eagerly anticipate reconvening at Ohio State University for next year's conference from October 22–24, 2024. Mark your calendars for another chapter of the Stapp Car Crash Conference

Once again, thank you to everyone for making the 67th Stapp Car Crash Conference a memorable and impactful event. We look forward to seeing you in 2024!