2022 Stapp Car Crash Conference®

General Chair, Annette L. Irwin
General Motors LLC

Hilton Denver City Center Picture

Hilton Denver City Center
Denver, CO
November 7-9, 2022

Technical Paper Awards and Student Stipends

The John Paul Stapp Award is offered annually for the Stapp paper presented at the previous year's Conference and Journal that best meets the goals of the Stapp Car Crash Conference and Stapp Journal as judged by the Stapp Advisory Committee.

The John W. Melvin Student Awards of $1,500, $1,000, and $500 are presented to the three graduate students whose papers are judged by the Stapp Student Award Committee to have made the most significant contributions to the fields of injury biomechanics and injury reduction. Mentors of accepted papers that include significant contributions by a student are invited to describe those contributions in a letter for their student to be considered. The three awards are made at the end of the Conference in which the papers were presented.

The Richard F. Chandler Award is presented for the Stapp paper that best serves the needs of industry to improve vehicle safety.

Student Stipends - Students who are lead authors and presenters of full papers that have been approved for publication in the Stapp Journal may be eligible to receive $500 from The Stapp Association to help with the cost of traveling to the Conference. A letter from the student's advisor or committee chairperson indicating when the student was enrolled and stating the reasons why the stipend would be helpful should be submitted to the Executive Director after the paper has received final approval.