Author Resources

Abstracts are due: March 31, 2017
Please note that invited papers are due for review by: May 31, 2017
Please note that short communications are due for review by: July 14, 2017
The final manuscripts are due by: September 22, 2017

Downloadable Resources

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  • 2017 Stapp Paper Template (.dotx)

    The template that all invited papers must conform to upon submission of the final paper.
  • 2017 Stapp Short Communications Template (.dotx)

    The template that Short Communications submitted to Stapp should conform to.
  • 2017 Stapp Author Guide (.pdf)

    Information for authors of invited papers that details the review and selection process used for the Stapp Car Crash Conference®. This file also includes the Stapp Car Crash Conference® style guide, check lists to assist authors during the submission process, and forms that authors must submit.