Author Resources

Stapp Journal Full Paper Submissions

Manuscripts can be submitted to the Stapp Journal editorial office ( at anytime throughout the year. Manuscripts will be assigned an Associate Editor (one of the members of the Stapp Advisory Committee) who will seek out three reviewers from the scientific community at large to provide peer review. Results of the review will be decided by the Associate Editor and may go through a revision process, with a final recommendation to the Editor-in-Chief. For papers that are accepted prior to the planning of the current year Stapp Car Crash Conference, authors will have the opportunity to present their paper at the conference. If the peer review process is not completed in time for the current year's conference, presentation at the conference can occur in the subsequent year.

While there is no page limitation or limitation on number of figures or tables, the manuscript should be written in concise language that describes the study as a whole. Extra detail and individual results or graphs may be included in Appendix material as a supplement. Manuscripts must be prepared in clear English, and all data must be presented using SI units. Manuscripts should be double spaced in a 12-point font and submitted as a Microsoft Word file (.docx) or PDF (.pdf) and include the following:

All papers submitted for review must include new data and results that will not have been submitted or published elsewhere.

Papers reporting on research involving human or animal subjects require a statement indicating that the methods used have been approved by a properly constituted institutional review board (IRB). Papers that do not provide this information will not be reviewed.

Stapp Journal Short Communications

The Stapp Advisory Committee is inviting Short Communications (SCs) for presentation at the 2024 Conference. A Short Communication is not considered a terminal publication (i.e., a completed study) and is most appropriate for quickly reporting on novel and important findings from research studies, and new and novel research methodologies and/or technologies. A Short Communication does not preclude the future submission of a full-length paper for the Stapp Journal on the same topic with expanded background, methods, data, results, discussion, and references.